How Femarex Work?

        Femarex works by balancing your Sex Hormones!.

Those very same hormones that make it possible for you to create the miracle of birth and sadly, it
also play havoc with you right before your period.  But there’s a important twist other physicians don’t seem to get, or even see in the first place:

 What actually causes PMS?

Your PMS problemis caused by the imbalance of 2 hormones in your body.

Progesterone & Estrogen.

Here's the fact regarding these 2 sex hormones.

FACT No.1: Approximately 90% of menstruating women suffer from PMS  around the same time of  their monthly cycle.

FACT No.2: PMS tends to disappear after menopause.

FACT No.3: PMS vanishes during pregnancy, only to re-appear immediately after birth.

         This is how Femarex works to banish PMS. 

You see, During pregnancy, your body begins to produce large amounts of sex hormones. Amazingly, when increased levels of these hormones are present, PMS completely disappears.

        How do we know our hormones are inblanace?

Ask yourself this: Along with your PMS, do you have one or more of the following conditions as well?

1. Migraine headaches.
2. Heavy periods.
3. Painful periods.
4. Post-partum depression.
5. Uterine fibroids.
6. Ovarian cysts.
7. Infertility.
8. Hysterectomy at an early age.
9. If you're taking Birth Control Pills.

 If you're experiencing any one of the above symptoms, it is a very strong sign you’re probably deficient or imbalanced in one or more crucial sex hormones... especially if you're taking birth control pills.

Correct the Hormone Imbalance = Eliminate The PMS.

 Femarex works by Correcting the hormone deficiency in our body and thus eliminating PMS once and for all.

         Hormone Deficiencies:- The culprint behind your PMS.

 The body regulates hormones so tightly, a deficiency in just one of them causes a whole cascade of medical symptoms and problems to develop.  For example, this is why diabetes, a deficiency of the hormone insulin, affects not only blood sugar levels, but also the eyes, nerves, heart, skin and kidneys.

 PMS Is No Different From Other Hormone Deficient Conditions. Today, conventional medicine can only treat the PMS symptoms, but do nothing in treating the root cause of PMS.

Birth Control Pills: The Hidden Culprit.

Birth control pills are one of the primary factors responsible for causing PMS symptoms. Birth control pills are quite literally a slow acting poison. They can do irreparable damage to the part of the ovaries that manufacture sex hormones. 

In a large portion of  women I saw who went on the pill, PMS soon developed, along with a host of other physical problems. Even taking them for only a few months can lead to permanent damage.  However, the effects are cumulative: The longer one takes birth control pills the greater the danger.

 Unfortunately, The birth control pill is even prescribed to non-sexually active teenagers to control their abnormal periods.  This was acceptable medical practice back in the 1970’s and 80’s and
unfortunately remains so today.  

As a result, two or three decades later these women have numerous gynecologic problems, including a side legacy of PMS and migraine headaches. The health risks are directly proportional to the length of time one uses them.  

It’s not unusual to come across women who’ve taken these pills for 15 or 20 years and have a host of gynecological maladies to prove it.

Femarex is A Natural, Safe And Easy Way To stop PMS

There’s now a safe and completely natural way to correct the levels of your naturally  occurring hormones and eliminating your PMS for good.

With Femarex....

 You don't have to change your diet.
         You don't have to change your lifestyle.
         You don't have to see any doctors.
         You don't have to have any unnecessary surgery.
         You don't have to waste your time with acupuncturists, gurus or bogus herbs.
        And You don't have to take prescription drugs.