Menstrual Spotting Stress

menstrual spotting stress

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menstrual spotting stress

Menstrual problems? Havent had period of more than 3 months? It is enough to identify and correct?

I had my period since 6th and regualr was when I was in Grade 7, Grade 8 begginning was not until March. Since March I havent had my period and I thought I did the other day, but today is the second day and I'm only spots of the plate. I bleed, but the blood is darker and looks almost orange red and black brown. the morning when I wipe there is blood, but .. Red Red Red is not as usual.I do not know what do? what's wrong with me? Havent had sex anything! I lost weight but not to make a diffrence in my menstrual cycle. Im eating very healthy and vitamin takng pills and drink milk twice a day. Somewhat important is that they come into my life and it is in the July 24-01. I do not want to add that the level of stress to my family for their im tellin BLEEDDING! my mother is overprotective and a crazy goo. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

if it's the other days, then you should be well in the early years of a / periods in their teens can be very, very irregular, if bleeding is not like before, if the month after your period as usual do not worry, put it on hormones, but if you go a few months after this period without having to tell your mom that you can go a little too protective, but his health and would have to consult a doctor for your own benefit, not your mother, forget your

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