Menstrual Period Calendar 2011

menstrual period calendar 2011

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Twelve days later and I had a blood stain, but only once, maybe pregnant?

hello my name is im my last Joseline 20 ยบ period was 27 November 2010 to 12 January 2010 at the end of December I started having pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, bloating, weight gain, humor, and a lot of cravings. I do not believe everything I thought I was just PMS, but last December and still no period, I have a menstrual calendar and said that eight days late, so I took a pregnancy test was negative yesterday 01/06/2011 I had a spot of blood and lil only happened once, I do not feel I had the symptoms except fatigue and swelling im .. trying not to my expectations, but you could Preggo?! it is very frustrating .. and simply never happened before I'm late, but lacked never a point. and me and my boyfriend have sex with the method of making lol so please need some advice.

another child, regardless symptoms if your cycle is a period of ten to one that is pregnant. Go take a test is the only way to confirm. Y withdraw information Not the best way not to work because the rascals can not escape preejaculation Lil happens when driving.

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