Menstrual Cycle Symptoms Breast Tenderness

menstrual cycle symptoms breast tenderness

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No normal menstrual symptoms?

This may be a question that is many different ways before, but my husband and I are TTC, I'm at 16 to 17 DPO and 2 days late one (but I have not totally normal cycle varies from 28 to 33 / not so formally later) Now my question is … If I had no symptoms normal menstrual usually do before my period does that indicate pregnancy? I mean, usually have breast tenderness / pain, headaches, cramps around a week before, extreme moods, etc. .. But this month, had a peak of acute pain (lasting half a day) a few days after my ovulation and reduce back pains so terrible every time I sit down and then 30 minutes. I am currently on day 33 of my cycle Thanks for your replies in advance that only I want to see if it has been known to show early pregnancy in some women. Wish me luck! (Also: I'll take the home pregnancy test if AF does not appear in other / Week trying not to stress)

I woke up today with terrible back pain, and I'm pretty sure i ovulated yesterday. I had ovulation pains by YesterDate afternoon, and then an ovulation test that was almost positive. (My urine may have been slightly diluted). but the writing, so now it's just wait and see if anything happens. Give until your period is 5 days late, then take a pregnancy test. Good luck and baby powder.

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