Menstrual Cycle Phases Hormones

menstrual cycle phases hormones

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Why is my luteal phase shorter and shorter?

I have two children, gave birth to the second for 8 months. We are now ttc third. I've been doing a monitoring and the use of OPK for ages and know my cycles as well. My LP was always 12-13 days before my second son was born. Now my LP was 13 days ago 2 months, 11 days last month and 9 days of this month. Why is this happening? I have always suffered from pre-menstrual spotting, there is no reason found by my doctor. I had a test CD21 progesterone done before my last pregnancy and it was normal. Could it be that only my hormones are still in flux after PREGNANCY (I breastfed for 3 months). Could this be related to perimenopause (I have 36)? Has anyone else had this and so if you did the same address or any reason found? Thanks

Wow, sounds like me. I have not been able to find any other person who has pre-menstrual stains, variables and shorter luteal phase, and however, a normal progesterone level. Obviously, I do not know how I feel, I can not offer a useful answer. But I just wanted to respond and say you're not alone. You have given me hope that I can not conceive, however, since it has 2 children now (I've been ttc for 13 months without luck). If I had to guess, I'd say probably has to do with the variable hormones after pregnancy. I had the opportunity to extend my LP a bit by taking 50 mg of vitamin B6 daily. I was taking 100 mg a day, and seemed realizing the worst. But I've been taking 50 mg in recent months, and my LP is finally settled a bit. Still I have the pre-menstrual, but stained. Best of luck you! I hope that the cycles are set and you get the BFP soon!

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