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What are the chances you might be pregnant?

Ok so my ovulation day was on Monday (according to a color pad Pink menstrual / ovulation calendar app) and I had sex with my husband that same day at about 3 am, he did like 2 times came and went without protection in me both times is that as a great opportunity to be pregnant or not really felt it was my day ovulating? Please let me know everything what you can, thanks:)

Your chances of being pregnant are good. If not work this time, next time when you know that the day ovulating, have sex the day before and the day after it, but not the day. My doctor told me that having sex every other day is accumulated sperm count serves and gives a better chance of having a reach the egg. Since sperm live for 3 days when it was covered the previous day and the next day, and that ovulation occurs within 24 hours you can not really achieve. Good luck and do not feel bad if it did not this time. Let it be soon, I'm sure.

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