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"Here is a summary of the benefits you receive
with Instant Hard Rod

Of course, even with all those facts, you might still be skeptical (which is perfectly normal and healthy).


Imagine this...

You're lazing on the couch watching your favorite TV program. You casually pop 1 Instant Hard Rod pill and 'chase' it down with some lukewarm water.

Your eyes continue to be glued to the screen.

60 minutes later, something strange happens...

"Try Instant Hard Rod & Quickly Experience Yourself What You've Been Missing In Your Sex Life!"

You feel a HUGE bulge starting to form in your crotch area. It's almost as if you can start to feel a raging 'hyperspeed' rush of blood engorging your penis, making it swell with excitement.

Yeah, it's fast, and it's furious.

You are totally amazed...your dick has never felt this 'alive' since puberty, and within seconds, you realize you have a solid, rock hard boner.

You can totally 'feel it' in your veins. There's a 'fire' going on.

You're on the brink of a MAJOR explosion and nothing can contain your 'brother' anymore! All you need right now to complete this magical experience is a woman. (or several if that's your kinda thing)

Skeptical? Now You're Talking My Language...

"Here is a summary of the benefits you receive
with Instant Hard Rod

Instant Hard Rod™ provides benefits for your sex life and your health that go way beyond what brand name drugs and other herbal supplements can do for you.

Apart from Instant Hard Rod™, you'd need a combination of 2 or 3 other products - taken all together, all at once - to achieve the same results:

Many of Instant Hard Rod™'s ingredients work to promote general health and well-being; while Instant Hard Rod' viagra-like effect takes place almost instantly, many of the benefits described below obviously continue to improve over time with sustained and regular use of Instant Hard Rod.

One area where you can easily see these longer-term benefits emerge is in sports and athletics.